Light Ash Brown - Cool


Light Ash Brown - Cool 280

This green based pigment is ideal for grey and light to ash brown haired clients, especially if the skin is fair and has capillary redness. the green base of this pigment can cancel out naturally occurring reddish - orange fading. If using with hair stroke brows, add Espresso for a natural effect.

Application : Eyebrow Shaded - Hair Line Strokes - Microblading

Customised Color - to darken add 298/290 to lighten add 262/401

to Cool Down add - to Warm Up 605

Recommended Needle Modules:

1 Liner, 1, Nano, 1 Micro, 3 Slope, 4 Flat, 5 Shader, 5 Magnum, 5 Round, 5 Slope, 5 V Slope, 7 Shader

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