Grey is Grey - Cool


Grey is Grey - Cool 160

A medium charcoal grey with just a hint of blue. If you client has grey hair or wants a softer lower eyeliner or lash enhancement, you may consider using this beautiful pigment. For those of you who are doing advanced work you will find this hint of blue works very well on upper shaded eyeliners.

Application : Eyeliner and Shaded Eyeliners

Customised Color - to darken add 162/150, to lighten add 158

Recommended Needle Modules:

3 Liner, 3 Outline, 3 Micro, 3 Power, 3 Slope, 5 Shader, 5 Magnum, 5 Round, 5 Power, 5 V Slope, 7 Shader, 7 Power

R400 In stock