Dark Warm Brown - Warm


Dark Warm Brown - Warm 296

This pigment is particularly useful for clients with fair hair and pale complexions who want a strong look. It can add natural warmth to their skin tones. Its also suitable for adding a touch of warmth to brows which have healed a little on the cool side.

Application : Eyebrow Shaded - Hair Line Strokes - Microblading

Customised Color - to darken add 152/290 to lighten add 262

to Cool Down add 607 to Warm Up 609

Recommended Needle Modules:

1 Liner, 1, Nano, 1 Micro, 3 Slope, 4 Flat, 5 Shader, 5 Magnum, 5 Round, 5 Slope, 5 V Slope, 7 Shader

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