Almost Grey - Cool


Almost Grey - Cool 162

If your client has pale grey or grey/blue eyes, you can get spectacular results with this pigment. Its a softer grey, so on lower eyeliners you can either use it alone for a very natural look or use it on lower liners to soften them. On the upper lid, it can also be used for an amazing shaded effect.

Application : Eyeliner and Shaded Eyeliners

Customised Color - to darken add 150/154 to lighten add 158/160

Recommended Needle Modules:

3 Liner, 3 Outline, 3 Micro, 3 Power, 3 Slope, 5 Shader, 5 Magnum, 5 Round, 5 Power, 5 V Slope, 7 Shader, 7 Power

R400 In stock