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Nouveau Contour is the premier global manufacturer of professional micropigmentation devices and products. Established in 1993, Nouveau Contour was the first to introduce the digital pigmentation device to Europe. As a premium brand, Nouveau Contour has since grown to be an international organisation with worldwide exports around the globe.


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Nouveau Contour South Africa     
Yvette - Director   HEAD OFFICE    Chantel Mulder
079 623 0538  084 627 6695 Official Pretoria Sub Distributor and Trainer
yvette@uptowngirl.co.za   sales@uptowngirl.co.za 082 696 1321  
Kirsten-Claire  - Director     Chris Kelly    Aniska Eksteen  
079 623 0539  084 203 6900 Official Sub Distributor Nelspruit
kirstenclaire@uptowngirl.co.za  Chris@uptowngirl.co.za 082 407 2355